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International Ragnarok Online Server Status

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Time information
Current server time:
Sat Aug 30 0:16:53 CEST
That equals
Fri Aug 29 15:16:53
official time for the selected game.
Ping<230: no/few lags
Ping>230: somewhat laggy
Ping>300: prepare to die...
Global servers
Server Info Ping Status
Official Websitehttp://enweb.ragnarok.co.kr---offline
Patch HTTPHTTP Patch165online
Patch FTPFTP Patch165online
Account serverAccount server---offline
iRO - Valkyrie
Server Info Ping Status
Char SelectCharacter Select int-Valkyrie160online
Zone-Server 1N/A173online
Zone-Server 2N/A165online
Zone-Server 3N/A168online
Zone-Server 4N/A161online
Zone-Server 5N/A169online
Zone-Server 6N/A169online
Zone-Server 7N/A164online
Zone-Server 8N/A159online
Zone-Server 9N/A160online
Zone-Server 10N/A164online
Zone-Server 11N/A160online
Zone-Server 12N/A163online
Zone-Server 13N/A170online
Zone-Server 14N/A164online
Zone-Server 15N/A165online
Zone-Server 16N/A165online
Server status was last updated: Sat Aug 2014 - 30 0:10:01 CEST
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